Miguel Mercado has been an executive chef for the past 30 years. During this time he has opened five restaurants and has developed a wide variety of menus. It’s time for his next chapter. Chef Mercado has combined his passion for New Orleans cuisine to his flagship restaurant to the Las Vegas community.

Fish King Grill

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In 2015 Miguel and his family decided to launch what is to be known as Fish King Grill. Many sacrifices had to be made to make this dream a reality. In April of 2017, the dream became real. Thankfully with the help of God, the Mercado family were able to open Fish King Grill.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13

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Chef Mercado has over 30 years combined experience as a chef and food service manager. He is known for having a creative flair for generating and presenting unique program ideas, excellent food presentation, public speaking, communications, and interpersonal skills. He can inspire others to work at their highest level. Chef Mercado has appeared twice on Good Morning Texas while being recognized as presenting the best Mexican shrimp cocktail, Shrimp Po’Boy sandwiches, and fish tacos in the Dallas area.

Glendale Magazine ranked Chef Mercado as one of the top Seven best chefs in Los Angeles. Chef Mercado has also won a contest for having the best Caesar salad from ABC Channel 7 in Los Angeles. The Daily Bulletin had listed him as one of the best chefs in Inland Empire in California. Miguel has also cooked at events attended by the Governor of California, Grey Davis. Miguel has also been involved in the opening of five other restaurants.

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The Fishkinggrill restaurant is located on Windmill Lane just east of Bermuda Rd. We are located directly across the street from the Vons shopping center. Our address is Fish King Grill
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If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team can not answer.

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